Data Science
Technologies in data science, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, strongly influence visualizing causal relationships that are otherwise negligible. However, today's market leaders are not taking their social responsibilities seriously, and people are highly dissatisfied and uncomfortable with their self-righteous decision-making process.

With the impending arrival of a technological singularity, some believe a handful of people will lead it and that humanity will become insignificant, like a trickle in a vast data flow. We believe that advanced technologies in data science will only have value in society if the broader society designs them to function as something that helps individuals express themselves proactively.
Cyber Security
Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated in an increasingly unstable and uncertain world. Recent cyber-attacks are not limited to the exploitation of computer science technologies. However, they are also a complex and interdependent combination of technologies from various fields, such as social hacking that exploits gaps in human psychology and false narratives that invisibly lead the masses. It is so sophisticated that no company or public agency can address it individually.

We provide comprehensive solutions in cyber intelligence, from penetration testing to red team exercises, to support the construction of multi-level defense systems, and are engaged in research and development in collaboration with private companies and government agencies in various countries.
When Satoshi Nakamoto published "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" in 2008, long-undervalued, distributed ledger technology regained prominence regarding inflation control and individualism. However, the current market is riddled with irresponsible hype, and distributed ledger technology such as blockchain is not often used as it should be.

Therefore, based on the original design philosophy of the technology, we are working to solve technical issues related to the protocol layer, such as the oracle problem, the blockchain trilemma, and the Byzantine general problem, to name a few.