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November 11 , 2022

Happy New Year 2022

We wish you a happy new year
Thank you for your kindness last year
Last year, we rebranded under the name Fore- and we were able to complete the basic development of an AI algorithm that analyzes trend potential through joint research with university professors.

Also, in the second half of last year, we actively welcomed and excellent new Fore- members joined the company and established “Fore-X Co., Ltd.” Mr. Yuji Matsumoto is the Representative Director (since January 6, 2022, registered as a Limited Company). Fore-X is a group company with the main business is the exchange and transfer of money via digital wallets.

In addition, the development of Version3 of the travel commerce app, formerly known as HAKOBIYA®︎, has almost been completed and we plan to release this service once the corona pandemic situation is under control and people can travel freely around the world again.

The 2022 year is a by-leaps and bounds year for Fore Co., Ltd.

Together with the new Foer members, we aim to expand our business at an early stage with the three pillars of “Fore-X Co., Ltd.”, “Alibaba Cloud Solution Consulting Partner” and “Vietnam Subsidiary Fore- Labs (Fore-Labs, Blockchain-related Offshore Development)”.

We plan to increase the number of Fore- members, but in accordance with our culture, we will continue to have discussions and sometimes play offline with our colleagues, while making our vision and strategy powerful and fun.

We look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.

Fore Co., Ltd.
CEO Yuto Tanaka