Revealing imperceptible change to revolutionize the world
Revealing imperceptible change to
revolutionize the world
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Core Technology
Our core technology is an innovative multi-algorithm engine that is capable of analyzing previously difficult to quantify information such as human behavior and preferences. Furthermore, by combining ultra-high-speed supercomputer analysis with our multi-algorithm technology it is possible to forecast a broad range consumer trends in real time.
Our Service
Born from the travel e-commerce matching app that identifies previously unknown global trends and forecasts emerging ones Fore- provides a range of services, including an all-new remittance business, DX solution development, supercomputer application development and various other innovative development services to support customers.
Our Culture
In order to create an exhilarating data society it is essential to gather the hottest human talent. With our diverse team, each bringing unique character and perspective, we aim to create a powerful engine for driving connections between people around the world.
Impact Studies
We publish articles such as our R&D research results and related reports, as well as collaboration works with partner companies and result case studies.
Partner Companies
Through collaboration with partner companies we aim to develop innovative, cross-genre business solutions that create new and exhilarating value globally.
Partner's Voice
Partner's Voice
As an overseas remittance service company (Kyodai Remittance) specifically for foreign workers in Japan, we started scoring each customer via data analysis utilizing the original Fore- algorithm to improve processes. We hope that by developing services that quickly overcome multiple barriers we can enable foreign workers living in Japan to more easily contribute financially to their families in their home countries

Mr. Yuichiro Kimoto, CEO of Unidos Co., Ltd.
The NSG Group, to which our company belongs, contributes to the development of the local community via various businesses and educational venues. we expect that The original Fore- Algorithm can be useful in various fields of joint research and data analysis at universities and research institutes, from overseas remittance services for foreign students in Japan, trial operations of other financial services, data analysis in medical, welfare, and nursing care businesses and anything related to DX transformation. We hope that collaboration with Fore- will further contribute to the development of a prosperous social model in the international community.

Mr. Mitsutoshi Sato, Representative Director, Business Creation Capital Co., Ltd.